Mixer Specifications

Like any household appliance, a mixer may or may not get it's fair share of use depending on the owner.  This affects both its appearance and its performance.  Refurbishing the motor returns the MixMaster to like new and just out of the box performance of yester-year, but its appearance may not be restored so easily depending on the condition of the chrome or the paint. 

That's why The Mixer Master offers the following grading system for the physical condition of the Vintage MixMaster.

Grade                                             Description
   A           Grade A Mixers are in pristine condition!   Chrome Mixers 
                have minimal to no pitting, and minimal scratches.  Factory
                painted mixers have no paint missing with minimal to no 
                scratches and hardly any discoloration.  Mixers that are fully
                repainted will also appear within this category.  This selection of 
                mixers is targeted towards the collector or someone who not 
                only wants a functional mixer, but also wants a show piece.  
                Vintage Sunbeam MixMaster Mixers in this category will tend to
                be the most expensive.

   B           Mixers within this category have both form and function while still
                maintaining a retro vintage look and is fully reconditioned.
                Chrome and painted Mixers may have some small cosmetic
                flaws, scratches, and the logo and decals may also show some
                fading or wear.  Mixers in Grade B still provide the best
                performance, but because their appearance has minor flaws
                without detracting from the mixer, a better price point is offered.
   C           Need a work horse of a mixer at a value price point?  Grade C 
                Mixers are all about performance!  While these Mixers may have 
                a few more flaws in their appearance, it doesn't prevent them from
                working like a champ!  Chrome Mixers that have more substantial
                pitting will be sanded to a smooth and silky finish but will have
                some cloudiness or discoloration.  Painted Mixers will have some
                faded discoloration and wear including decals that may be 
                partially missing or completely removed.  Targeted at customers 
                who want a Vintage Mixer like they used to be made, don't mind
                how they look and/or don't want to spend a lot of money on an
                older appliance.
   S          Grade S Mixers in this category are either specials, sale items,
               experiments, or mixers that just don't fit into any of the above
               categories. There will always be something fascinating,unusual or 
               different with a Mixer that is given this Grade so keep an eye out 
               for it!

                                           Exclusive Offering

The Mixer Master offers a One Year Warranty on all Vintage Sunbeam MixMaster Mixers against electrical and mechanical failure and defects in workmanship.  Repair to the Mixer mechanics required as a result of  inadequate workmanship  will be made free of charge for the period of one year.  Purchaser is responsible for the shipping of the Mixer head only and shipping charges to The Mixer Master address for repair.  Mixer will be shipped back to owner at no additional charge.

The Guarantee does not cover damage of bowls, beaters, cause by misuse, negligence, or use on current or voltage other than that stamped on the appliance.  This guarantee is in lieu of any other warranty including Sunbeam manufacturers' warranty either expressed or implied.  If service is required, contact The Mixer Master by means stated on the warranty certificate with a brief explanation of the problem.

All Refurbished or Restored Vintage Mixers for Sale come with a Free Gift!