Restoration Services

Refurbished Sunbeam MixMaster Mixers requiring service are giving the following treatment:

Electrical wires are inspected and replaced or sealed if damaged or frayed.
All parts are inspected, cleaned with bio-degradable and environment friendly cleansers.
Armature is cleaned and carbon dust removed
Silicon grease is removed and replaced with a High Temperature Food Grade FGL-2 grease used in commercial mixers.
Bakelite, chrome and contacts are all polished.

Reconditioned Sunbeam MixMaster Mixers receive a complete overhaul with a new paint job and the refurbish treatment above!
Units are stripped down and repainted with an Enamel Spray Paint!

Here's an example of a customer's recent overhaul on her 7B!
Refurbished, Repaired, and Restored Sunbeam Mixers from the 1950's thru the early 1990's!

Sunbeam MixMaster Mixers were built to last and many of the these wonderful machines are still running strong today after more than 50 years! But even the best made machines require maintenance. The Mixer Master offers the following services:

If your Sunbeam Mixer is broken, don't throw it away, have it repaired by The Mixer Master!

Over time, flour and baking ingredients accumulate in your mixer which gunks it up and slows it down. The Mixer Master is here to help! We'll have your mixer running like new in no time!

Is the paint peeling from your mixer as well as delivering poor performance? Send it in for a complete overhaul!

Trade In
Another option is to trade in your existing Mixer for one that is already refurbished or reconditioned. Trading In your Sunbeam Mixer will earn you up to a 20% Discount toward a mixer listed for sale, or choose one that you want instead!

For Sale
View Mixers for Sale above and purchase a mixer already refurbished or reconditioned!

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